Ch. 12: Consistent Style vs Responsive Style

Examine the styles:

Find out more about these two opposite leadership styles.

Consistent Leadership Style

Leaders favoring authenticity over adaptation have a consistent leadership style. Coming from the inside, the way they lead is highly consistent wherever they are and whoever they lead. Their character, beliefs and values shape their approach, more or less irrespective of the circumstances they are in. To them “it doesn’t all depend”, but rather “what you see is what you get”.


Responsive Leadership Style

Leaders favoring adaptation over authenticity have a responsive leadership style. Being highly sensitive to the needs and expectation of those around them, they tailor their approach to each specific situation they are in. To them it makes no sense to get everyone to “read your manual”, while you can provide a user-friendly interface. For the responsive leader it is not only a matter of effectiveness to adjust to the specific circumstances, but also a matter of respect – who do you think you are as a leader making everyone adapt to you?

Examine the case

Ideas and practices worth sharing:

Here you can read up on suggestions about developing a specific leadership style and on how to avoid certain leadership pitfalls. Make sure to leave your own suggestions behind for others as well.

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