Ch. 11: Reflective Style vs Proactive Style

Examine the styles:

Find out more about these two opposite leadership styles.

Reflective Leadership Style

Leaders with a preference to think thoroughly before they act have a reflective leadership style. Instead of shooting from the hip, they take a disciplined response to leadership challenges, first letting the situation sink in, before formulating a preferred solution and then moving to action. To them, it makes sense to think issues through, because many challenges are complex, with many possible courses of action, each with their own uncertain impact. Reflecting first also gives others time to think and give the leader their input.


Proactive Leadership Style

Leaders favoring action over thought have a proactive leadership style. It is not that they don’t think, but they don’t wait to finish the thinking before they act. To them, thinking and acting go hand in hand, as most leadership issues can only be resolved by taking them on and figuring out how to proceed along the way. Instead of researching issues to death, proactive leaders believe in getting things moving, trusting that solutions will present themselves as the situation unfolds. Just do it, and apologize if you were wrong.

Leadership Agility - Leadership Problem Solving

What are the different styles that leaders can use to solve problems? In this video, the two opposites, the Reflective and the Proactive Leadership Style, are explained. Both the qualities and the pitfalls of both are illustrated.

Examine the case

Ideas and practices worth sharing:

Here you can read up on suggestions about developing a specific leadership style and on how to avoid certain leadership pitfalls. Make sure to leave your own suggestions behind for others as well.

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