Ch. 8: Executive Style vs Entrepreneurial Style

Examine the styles:

Find out more about these two opposite leadership styles.

Executive Leadership Style

Executive leaders emphasize exploitation over exploration when setting their strategic priorities. Their focus is literally on execution – getting things done and getting results. They concentrate on implementing the existing strategy and optimizing the existing business. Top of mind is the efficient and effective functioning of the organization, by using, maintaining and extending the organization’s existing capabilities, infrastructure and client base.


Entrepreneurial Leadership Style

Entrepreneurial leaders emphasize exploration over exploitation when setting their strategic priorities. Their focus is on driving the entrepreneurial processes within the organization – ensuring the creation of new business opportunities. They concentrate on constantly rejuvenating the organization by getting people to challenge the existing business model and search for pioneering ideas and approaches. They continuously provoke innovation and themselves come up with new business concepts, novel products and improved processes.

Examine the case

Ideas and practices worth sharing:

Here you can read up on suggestions about developing a specific leadership style and on how to avoid certain leadership pitfalls. Make sure to leave your own suggestions behind for others as well.

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