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    In this situation where all personnel sense market circumstances are changing fast it is essential to acknowledge this. Therefore, presenting an inspiring vision of the future at the Global Management Summit would be motivating. At the same time this offers an occasion to explain that the organization faces major challenges but also opportunities, so it will need to gear up to address them. Resources to finance these initiatives will need to come from the existing operations, therefore a disciplined budgetary approach will continue to be necessary. In order to support new initiatives a separate significant budget, with oversight by the CEO and executive management, should be created and a senior officer should be appointed to oversee the progress on execution. A team of high potentials should be given a six month assignment, with the help of a professional, to identify key opportunities by analyzing market developments and to find best practices at groups that are excellent at digital innovation. All ideas from people in the organization should be channeled, evaluated and implemented when benefits are clear. These implementation steps assure that strategic resources for new major initiatives will be clearly separated from daily business. Secondly, these steps convey the message that all personnel are responsible for identifying and executing strategic innovation initiatives. In short, the Global Management Summit seems like the ideal moment to involve the broader organization in co-creating the digital future.

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