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    Andrew should start by reflecting whether Laura is the right person for the job. Has he, by promoting Laura, lost a great public tender bidder and gained an unqualified people leader?  He also needs to ask himself whether after previous review meetings actions were developed and implemented, and if not, why not. As MD he should be meeting his heads frequently to follow up on such matters. If he is still convinced that Laura is the right person, then he needs to start showing some leadership.  He should explain very clearly, but not confrontationally, that 7 consecutive misses since being appointed is unacceptable. He should ask Laura for a root cause analysis and recovery plan within the week, with clearly defined activities to drive change. These activities should be measurable and actionable so progress can be monitored during a 90 day period.  At the end of their meeting Andrew should stress he still has confidence in her and is willing to help her as much as possible, but she must ask where and when. Moreover, he should emphasize that the 90 day period is essential to ensure the rest of the company understands that non-performance is not acceptable.  He should also ask Laura if she wants to do this or would prefer to go back to a contributor role.  In the latter case, Andrew should take over the team with immediate effect and develop a recovery plan together with them.

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