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    I would accept the fact that the large scale physical mail delivery business is history and hence make a decision to recruit a solid performer with a strong customer focus and understanding of how to maintain and fine-tune a standardized service business. I would be focused on finding a candidate who will allow me, as CEO, to allocate more and more time to business innovation and development. Hence, I would recruit for yesterday’s challenges! In addition, however, and in acceptance of the need for installing innovative forces and capabilities into the organization, I would set up a separate team with a focus to provide structured and tangible strategic disruption and execution. A person with the qualifications to lead this will be very different by nature, skill and experience than someone mastering the fine skill of optimizing a cash flow from a slow breathing business.  Accept the brutal facts and act with determination in the search for future business opportunities  – don’t try to walk and run at the same time! 

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